Pro-Israel. Pro-Palestine. Pro-Peace.

I have stood in Israel. I have stood in Palestine. I have stayed in the home of Palestinian Christians in the West Bank. I have met their family. Broke bread with them around their tables. Laughed and danced with them despite our lack of a shared … [Read more]

Incarnated Poetry


This is an excerpt from my post over at The Deeper Story. Follow the link below to read the rest. My senior year of high school I took an AP English class. It was the only AP class offered, and despite my disdain for English classes, my desire to … [Read more]

Pregnant with Hope

our hearts are waiting

For the past three years my wife and I have struggled with infertility. It's actually been longer than that, since we struggled before our son was born. But it has been three years since we started trying again. Three years and a lot of tests, many … [Read more]

Into the Wilderness


Today I am over at A Deeper Story. If you don't know about A Deeper Story, take some time to peruse the site. Some of the best writers out there are sharing their stories and struggles with faith. 58 weeks ago I took a walk in the woods. I didn’t … [Read more]

Don’t Let Jesus Trump the Bible


Over the last year or so I have adopted a very Christ-centered hermeneutic. That is to say, I read the Bible through the lens of Jesus. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the "visible image of the invisible God" since he is the "exact representation of … [Read more]