God Made Light


What we teach our kids about God matters. How we teach our kids about God matters. Because what and how we teach them about God shapes what they believe about God and his character. Think about the song "O Be Careful,  Little Eyes." O be … [Read more]

To Those Who Doubt


To those who doubt: You're not alone. You're not the only one. The longer I am a pastor, the more I find most people have doubts of some kind, but most are not willing to voice them. It takes an immense amount of courage to share your … [Read more]

Revealing Revelation


Friday marks beginning of the end - or at least the beginning of the newest movie to depict the end of the world at the hands of Christian rapture theology. Droves of people, many of them likely to be Christian, will flood the theaters to watch … [Read more]

The Foolish Debate


Last night the Sojourn Network hosted a debate on Calvinism. Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones represented the Calvinist, and Austin Fischer and Brian Zahnd represented the non-Calvinist. Overall, the debate was entertaining, but not nearly as … [Read more]