Farewell, World Vision

Photo Credit: Laura Reinhardt / World Vision

Farewell, World Vision! That's what an entire community said as they celebrated the transformation over the last fifteen years. Ten years ago it would take you three hours to get to Leuk Daek from the nearest paved road. During the rainy … [Read more]

Making Poverty A Choice


In Cambodia, heat and humidity join forces in an unholy alliance causing air-conditioned reliant Westerners to leak sweat from pores long dormant. Sure, there are places in the southern United States that feature heat and humidity as compliments to … [Read more]

Introducing the Book: Man Enough


I first thought about writing a book when I was in high school. My parents had just bought our second computer, this one equipped with the newest space-age technology, a CD-rom. In multiple trips I carried the old computer, with its lightning fast … [Read more]