Authenticity used to scare the hell out of me…fine, it still does. So I’ve taken on writing because it forces me to be authentic and vulnerable. I started the blog, not really even knowing how to write, let alone what I would write. If you go back in the archives you’ll find my first posts were about leadership. I know. Novel. A pastor writing on leadership. I don’t know what I thinking there. I am no leadership guru by any means. Over time, writing became about fleshing out my learning. As I follow Jesus, I have found that I need to unlearn how to live in the world in order to learn a new way of living. The way Jesus lived. As I press into that, those thoughts work themselves out into blog posts.

All of this helps me do what I am really called to do better. While preparing for med-school in college, God made it pretty clear that I was to go into ministry. I did everything I could to avoid being a pastor. I wasn’t about to wear a suit and tie and preach for 20-25 minutes every week. How could I come up with that much to say? Who has that many ties?

So I preach in jeans and sweater for 45. Go figure.

Currently I am serving Christ’s Community Church in Fishers Indiana as the Lead Pastor.  You can find our website here. You won’t find us on any list of large churches or fastest growing churches or innovative churches. We are just a group of people in the suburban midwest trying to figure out what it means to be faithful disciples of Jesus. And I love it. I don’t want to be anything else.


My wife and I have a son Luke, who is pretty much awesome. Red hair and all. We have no idea where the red hair came from, but are pretty sure it means he will change the world. And you thought your kid was going to do that! ppshhhh!

I like to do most things outdoors. You name it, I do it. I enjoy sports. Not great at any of them, but I did hit a homerun in church softball a couple weeks ago, so I got that going for me in terms of athletic prowess.  Skiing is my favorite. Seeing as I am from Indiana, I don’t get to do as much as I would like. So when I go, I make it count.


 If you are new here, you might be interested in some of my more popular posts. In no particular order they are:

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my writings appear in the Huffington Post, the Deseret News, The Good Man Project, Beauty Redefined, and a few other places.

If you want, follow along and join the learning. Scroll back up the page and click your favorite method. I think we’ll help each other out.

  • Christi

    Thank you.

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  • Donald Borsch Jr

    But it is simple, and it is black and white. He is our Father. We are His sons. We live to please Him in all we do and say. Don’t get much simpler than that. Jesus was the ultimate Father-pleaser. Let’s just be likewise. :)

  • savin4morefamily

    But it’s not as simple to live out, Donald. Yes, He is our father and we are His children. “Let’s just be likewise” – is there anyone on this earth that that is easy for? See the March 11, 2013 post here. We all struggle. We all question. We still love God…and we sometimes are thrown by waves of fear and doubt. Satan wars against us and those we love. It’s a battle, not a simple daily schedule or To Do list where you can check off “live to please God.” The simple truth is that often when we are trying our hardest to follow God, those are the times the attacks on us will be the strongest and we will feel the weariest. Please don’t simplify other’s walks/journeys/struggles.

  • MockingbirdDont

    This was so encouraging to read. And so far all of your blog has been. I’m an “Unchurched Christian”. My husband and I stepped away from church because we found nothing but hypocrisy, mediocrity and tired platitudes. Something inside of us called for more than “this” and so we nosedived out of a “normal” Christian lifestyle and into this relatively unknown territory of being inspired and passionate Christians without a “church”. Too often we meet pastors who spend the entire conversation trying to convince us that we’re forsaking the fellowship and though they drop all the trendy buzzwords and make it seem as if they’re so hip and “with it”, every single time, without fail, they’re peddling the same ol’ message of conform, conform, conform. And above all else, “trust that your pastor knows what’s best for you”. (That’s an actual quote from one.) So, initially when you reveal you’re a pastor, my guard goes up. I start thinking, “Oh, okay. He’s just another one of those.” But you seem sincere and like maybe you don’t think you’ve got it all figured out, just because you’re the loudest voice in the congregation. And that’s encouraging.

    • Travis

      The New Testament knows no inspired and passionate Christians who aren’t in churches. It is selfish not to be with the church, even if you think its boring. A Pastor is a gift from God, no matter what his talents are. You’re not helping Christ’s church if you think you can be Christian apart from His remnant, you’re actually being sectarian.

      • MockingbirdDont

        If ever I considered returning to organized and doctrine driven “church”, your comment wouldn’t help that decision. And by whose definition are you judging so harshly my lack of involvement in modern churches? Am I not in church when I fellowship and gather with other Christians, and discuss current affairs, how they line up with God’s word, and how we must approach all aspects of our lives based on God’s word? Am I not in Church because I don’t have a formal “membership” to any one of the many I’m surrounded with? Am I not in church because my tithes don’t go to landscaping and vacations for the pastor? Am I not in church because instead my family and I give happily and heartily to local missions and battered women’s shelters with each and every paycheck? Am I not in church when I volunteer in my community? Am I not in church when I give of myself emotionally and spiritually to the many friends who know my convictions and who are not Christians? Am I not in church then? When am I in church? Is my God really so limited as to reject me because I am not a “member” of a group of people who meet every Sunday at the same building?

        And for what it’s worth…when I told Nate “And that’s encouraging.” I earnestly walked away from this page feeling encouraged to continue LOOKING for a church home, believing there are others like Nate (and perhaps like my family and I) in this big ol’ world.

        And furthermore…I refuse to allow your negativity and judgmental comment to deter me from that. There are a lot of people like you in “church”. But that’s okay. Because we’re all on the road to knowing God fully. You are. And I am. And I won’t be deterred by you.

        Others might, however. Just food for thought.

        • Jack

          MockingbirdDont, to answer the question you ask over and over again — no, you are not in church when you do all those admirable and even God-honoring things.

          But you knew that. You list all those things because they are great service projects and selfless endeavors, but it’s not church.

          I could list all the arguments and reasons why you should be a part of a church, but you already know all of them; you’ve spoken to pastors, and you reject their arguments every time; not based on the merit of the arguments, but because their reasoning, and the reasoning of the Bible, do not match your wants and desires. You enter into any discussion on this topic with the pre-determined decision that you know what is best, regardless of what the Bible indicates. And that is dangerous. You can do all the “good deeds” in the world, but if that’s an indicator of where your heart is, that’s worrisome.

        • Judy Dunlea Stewart

          Honey, you are doing church. A church is not a building. It is serving others. You sound like an awesome family and I commend you for all that you do. Keep at it!

  • Phil

    Yes, refreshing. I too took a nosedive after meeting the real man that was my pastor for many years. Then, after meeting a man who was real and only wanted to “know God and make Him known” – Rick Amato – only to see what a deceptive crook only looking for an easy way to what he really loves, money, I really began questioning. Is it all a fantasy? Have I been so duped and brain washed into believing a lie? Really took a toll on me.

  • Margo

    What about the one, universal Church that Christ founded for His followers? Have you ever considered Catholicism, the fullness of Christ and His Truth?

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